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Java and Java Script

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ava and JavaScript are languages that evolved because of the Internet. From the evolution of mainframes, to stand-alone PCs, to networked communication, and lastly to the Internet, one thing has been a constant, different languages evolved based on a need. For these two languages, the Internet was a perfect fit, and without them the Internet would be a less dynamic and vibrant highway.
As the Internet grew, more and more people found it a more viable place to do business. With that came a need for languages that were fairly easy to learn, dynamic, secure, portable, and maintainable. The industry answered that call with languages such as Java and JavaScript.
This paper will perform an analysis of both Java and JavaScript. In order for the reader to gain a better understanding of these languages, the history of these languages with overviews will be presented along with a discussion of the benefits and drawbacks.

The History of Java
In the middle of May 1995 Java was introduced into the world, and along with Netscape it would be the new way for Internet users to access this new information superhighway. But before it got to this point, Java technology was developed almost by accident. Back in 1991, Sun Microsystems was looking into the future in anticipation of the future of computing, and they tasked a team that became know as the “Green Project”. Their main focus was to come up with a plan for the future of computing, but what they came out with was something quite unexpected.
Under the guidance of James Gosling, a team was locked away in an external site to work on the project that would define Sun’s technology direction for the future. Their conclusions pointed toward a future that had computers and digitally controlled devices converging. What they came out with was a language called “Oak”, named for the type of tree outside their office window. After...

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