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Michael Boulos
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October 11, 2013
Letters to the Government The song “Open Letter” by Jay-Z is a response to the criticism he has been faced with on his recent trip to Cuba. He released this song within 24 hours after the uproar of government officials. Jay-Z talks about political issues that are occurring today and tries turn the criticism on them by pointing out economic flaws. He also mocks the government by saying that he is above them because of the amount of money that he generates. The overwhelming theme in this song is his message of being untouchable to government and how he is above the law. Jay-Z talks about his invincibility because of his ties with the President Obama. Jay-Z starts his first verse with “I done turned Havana to Atlanta.” This is referencing his recent trip to Havana the capital of Cuba. He is implying that he walks the streets of Cuba the same way he does in Atlanta with confidence and a sense of control. Jay-Z does this calmly even though it is illegal for Americans to visit Cuba. He totally disregards government laws and visits anyway because he knows the consequences won’t be too harsh. This is because he has such a close connection with President Obama and thinks he will not be incarcerated for his crime. Jay-Z is also trying to make a statement that he can do whatever he wants no matter what the law says. Jay-Z is a multimillion dollar man and can afford to go anywhere in the world no matter the cost and there is one place that is off limits; Cuba. He sees this as an opportunity to prove himself as one of the most powerful people in America. He also talks about the government and how they try to dethrone people who are making a mass amount of money because they want to keep full control. Jay-Z states “Balling ‘till they ban us”. He will continue to expand his wealth with his recent part...

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