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A1. Explain how you determined your product design decisions in the simulation
The market research provided was very beneficial in determining product designs in the simulation. Each customer had wants and needs. I took those needs based on importance to the customer and used that to create the ideal product for them. I tried to create names for the products based on the type of computer that each customer was looking for. For example, Mercedes wanted overall a Fast and Powerful computer so I decided to name it Zeus to show that it was the most powerful computer available. The top computer requirements for Mercedes were fast and powerful, engineering oriented, ability to link with other computers, easy on the eyes, and service and support. Price was not an issue for this customer. For Mercedes, I chose to create a top of the line computer. I selected the highest performance power, the best engineering software, the best network connection available, a bigger monitor, as well as all other feature requested. Throughout the simulation, I upgraded the products to ensure that Mercedes always had the newest technology available to them. My goals were to be the technology leader while providing the most reliable product on the market. The top requirements for Workhorse were ease of use, low price, office applications, service and support, network connections, and fun to use. Since price was a high priority, I tried to develop a computer that would be efficient and affordable. I chose standard designs with the smaller monitor, high performing power, office software, and a good network connection. I wanted to maintain my goal by offering them leading technology while remaining reliable at a lower price. As upgrades to existing products were available, I chose to make them to ensure that they still had the best computer on the market for the price.
A2. Discuss whether you...

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