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| Main Event Solutions |
From: elementary division manager
Date: 9/1/2012
Re: Urgent Elementary Toy
This memo is report about defective product being shipped. This memo also discusses how to handle the defective product and possibly saving Main Event Solution money without hurting customers. This memo also discusses the risk and reward for each situation.
Decision Process When determine alternative choices for Main Event Solutions, I would use a decision making model. The first step would be to define the problem. Is this issue urgent or important to the company? The second step would be, gather all the information and understand the effects and causes. The third step would be, compare the pros and cons of each option. The fourth step would to choose the best option for the company. The final step explains your decision to the people involved and affected by this decision: I should follow up to ensure proper and effective implementation for this decision.

Alternative choices I have used decision process to make a judgment regarding the defective whistle. The first choice would be to cancel the order and the shipment. The advantages of this choice would be, public image will be maintained, and prevent scandal. The disadvantage would be the company would lose money and have to remake the toys. This would help the company avoid legal cost. This would cost the company money, but it would save money in the long run, in case the school decided to sue the company.
Financial impact Main Event Solutions could save money in avoiding claims on defective product. The company may avoid significant financial lost if reorganizations of the funds are handled properly. Investors will observe how the company handles it. The company could avoid impact on stock losses. The financial impact will be less, so recovery will be faster. This sometimes...

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