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CIO leadership – IS/IT for Managers
Core D – Group 4

Q.1. If you were Jim Barton, how are you going to address the 3 questions raised by Bernie Ruben about blogging and other emerging technologies in the company?

Bernie Ruben raises three questions about blogging and emerging technologies at IVK.

What, if anything, should we do about this blog entry?
As Jim Barton, we don’t want Carl Williams to know anything about the blog about IVK. He will be mad if he learns that a description of June 28 events are available on the Internet. As it seems to be a blog not read by a big amount of people, we should just don’t talk about it and try to make the blogger turn off his page indirectly. Do nothing.

What should be our general policy about blogging based on inside information from within the company?
Jim Barton has to settle a policy to prevent people putting stuff about IVK on their computer or online. IVK’s employees have to know that they cannot talk about work outside of work. We, as the CIO, have to work with the compliance department to design the confidentiality policy. If we build this policy in a way that the blogger understands that he is out of compliance it should make him correct his blog by himself without any action of the company. The policy should not be only about blogs but about also about Web 2.0 technologies. It has to be acute enough to avoid to blindside IVK’s IT department again.
A good way to get Williams understand the issue could be to enlighten some past examples about the Nintendo’s gaming remote control on Youtube, etc…

What should be our process for spotting emerging technologies and analysing them to see how they might be relevant to us, for better or worse?
IT is like high-tech business and has to spend around 10 percent of their revenue on keeping up new technologies and processes. Web 2.0 technologies could be a serious...

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