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· Capital punishment has been topic of discussion many times throughout history. Today as we will be shedding light on this topic, I will be presenting my opinion on why capital punishment should be legal in Canada. Capital punishment, aka as the death penalty is the execution of a human being who has been convicted of 1st degree murder. Due to the fact this is such a cruel and unalterable it is a very concerning issue with strong supporters and many disagrees. The cost of capital punishment is a bit less than the overall cost of having to have trials, and imprisonment. It would also mean that are taxes would go towards a more useful tool that would have positive impacts on our communities. Capital Punishment should be brought back as a legal option to due to the positive results we will gain from it. Section 7. states that “Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of the person and should not be deprived therefore except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.” A poll recently taken by the Canadian citizens showed that 60% of Canadians were willing to bring back capital punishment in order to bring justice upon the persons who have committed 1st degree murder. In the upcoming argument, we will state our strong facts on why capital punishment shall be again legal as it was previously in the year 1976.

Overall I believe that our strong stated facts show that capital punishment should become legal all throughout Canada in order to bring justice to the humans that have be acquitted of 1st degree murder. Criminals would also think twice before committing a deadly crime if the capital punishment was a legal option. By legalizing capital punishment, it would also drastically decrease the amount of murders or and violent offences due to the fact that most people would not want to put themselves in a…...

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