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About Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE)
About Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE)
Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) has been involved in various international cooperation activities mainly for developing countries since its establishment in 1977. JICE contributes to the development of not only developing countries but international community through the implementation of the activities for strengthening mutually beneficial partnership between foreign countries and Japan.
Our main activities are the management of international training courses entrusted by ministries and agencies including Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), universities, local governments, public and private organizations, international organizations and foreign governments; youth exchange programmes; assistance for students from overseas; dispatching interpreters; Japanese language lessons; supporting conventions, seminars and projects, operation of supporting development education.
Besides the staff of 194, JICE has 1080 specialists who are specialized in 31 languages and engage in formulation, investigation, research, implementation and evaluation of projects by using their accumulated experiences and knowledge. JICE, with our motto “Share knowledge and experience. For our world. For the future”, links “Japan’s technology, knowledge and experience” to the world and works on developing future leaders of each country through deepening mutual understanding and learning together with people in the world.
Outline and Objectives of JENESYS2.0
The JENESYS 2.0 programme was announced by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during his stay in Jakarta on 18 January 2013 as a continuation of the original JENESYS programme carried out from 2007 to 2012. Under JENESYS 2.0, approximately 30,000 youths will be exchanged between the Asia Pacific countries and Japan, and approximately 5,000 youths will be exchanged between North American regions and Japan. (Programme between North American regions and Japan is carried out by the name ”KAKEHASHI.” )
The programme is planned to promote potential interests towards Japan, to increase visitors to Japan as well as to facilitate global understanding on Japanese values and Japan’s strengths and attractions including “Cool Japan” toward the revitalization of the Japanese economy. Targeted countries and regions are ASEAN Member States (10 countries), Australia, New Zealand, Timor-Leste, China, Mongolia, Taiwan, Korea, Pacific Island Nations (14 countries and regions), SAARC (8 countries), U.S.A. and Canada.
The Government of Japan provides the funds for international organizations (ASEAN Secretariat, SAARC Secretariat, Japan-U.S. Educational Commission, Japan-China Friendship Center, Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation and so on) to implement the project and assigned organizations in Japan will implement the project as necessary .
Arrival Orientation will be carried out at the beginning of the programme. The purpose of this orientation is to make participants understand clearly the aims and the goals of the programme as well as to raise awareness of them as program participants to find and realize new experience by joining the programme proactively. In addition, JICE will explain issues of safety management and health care in detail.

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