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Jenn and Lawerence

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The Teaching Guidelines
When we are born we are taught guide lines. We don't just wake up and do as we please because with every action is a lesson along with it. Lessons are taught to children, parents, teachers, police officers, and such more. However, when reading "Lazy Lawrence," the lesson is being taught to children about being caring, hardworking and preserving. This is the teaching guidelines to children while ready something that will keep their mind moving.

Jenn showed demonstration of caring in the story "Lazy Lawrence" when it came to what he saw around him. The one person he showed how caring he was, by helping his mother Presto. He was capable to demonstrate his care for her by helping around with her farm. The farm is a very big importance to the family because that is their survival for a daily basis. Now that his mother is older she is not capable to do as much as she's used to because she's now older. On the farm they have live animals such as chickens, cows, horses and others. Also, including fruit and flowers of varieties that she's had over the years and this here teaches children to help those to whom they care for and being a helping to others around them.
Hardworking is another demonstration in the story as well. In the story Jenn shows hard work by helping his mother with the land. The duties he had accomplished was weeding the grass, cleaning the live stock of whatever mess the animals had made. Also, running the errands that his mother was longer able to do on a normal basis, with his mother Presto not working much and not having the money pay rent the family has came to danger. Jenn seeing how the family is struggling he goes to get a job and help as much as he can. This shows children that actions affect those around you and yourself for the better.
Finally, showing the effort that he puts in his work, for example, when Jem was working in a garden a lady came out and spoke to him about how his effort is shown. When doing work that's important but for someone to notice that amount of time put in to what you do is amazing. Demonstrating to children that you have to put care into the work that you do so it's appreciated more. That the amount of time you give to what you do will be well worth every second of it.
In conclusion, the story "Lazy Lawrence" teaches great values to young children. Demonstrates that values can be taught in different ways through stories to make it more interesting. While reading this story you notice the lessons being taught to children is be caring, hardworking and preserving. However, to continue on with what you do your surroundings are you're motivation to have strong feelings for your work.

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