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Jerusalem and It’s Changes.
Jerusalem was a very significant piece of land for the Romans. The second temple period was an important time for Jerusalem as The Roman Empire accepted Christianity in 324. Jerusalem was constantly an area of conflict. It was always caught in the middle of wars between powerful rulers. The Second Temple period in Jerusalem was very important to the Roman Empire. Jerusalem went through major changes during this era. It went from Persian rule to Hellenistic to Hasmonean to finally Herodian, which was coming to an end when Jesus was born (Freedman vol.3 p. 757-758).
Jewish exile plays a very important role in the history of Christianity. Exiled elders feared for their young as they began to adapt to the Babylonian culture that surrounded them. One of the Genesis stories was created as a result of this. They also started practicing things like Sabbath. This exile from and back to Jerusalem helped shape many of the Jewish customs we see today. For example, the Hebrew calendar was adapted. It also saw Torah as being the central role in their lives.
Many of the books mark this exile. Daniel 1-6, Susanna, Bel and the Dragon, three youths (Esdras 3:1-5:6). The books of Tobit and Judith. 2 Chronicles talks about the end of the exile as it refers to it as the Sabbath of the Land.
Jerusalem is also a very significant place for Christianity. Jesus was there as a child (Luke 2:22). Jesus also preached there. He also healed there. This is recorded in the Gospels (Mark 1:15). Many of Jesus’ life important life events are evidenced in Jerusalem through the bible. The last supper, arrest, crucifixion, resurrection and finally ascension are all examples of key point in Christianity. This area is condensed with rich history that has many accounts in the New Testament and Gospels. Jesus is said to have performed many miracles in that land. Jerusalem is a land where they connect to God as his chosen people. It was thought to be the center of the World. After the Romans adapted Christianity, Jerusalem a played a significant role in that empire as it is considered the Land of the God. The temple that was destroyed twice and the stories around it take place in this land. The second temple period saw many changes in rulers for this kingdom. There were often internal religious revolts (Freedman vol.3 p. 757).

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