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Once there was a king Reigning on a small kingdom faraway
When disaster came His little kingdom faded away
All his people fled, all nobles and princes Nothing was left of the kingdom where he reigns

In the ruins the king roamed Tears on his eyes seeing that nothing remained
Then he saw his jester coming by And asked him why he stayed
The Jester answered “My king, thy servant is here to relieve your pain”

With the jester’s loyalty the king was pleased So he asked the jester to build his kingdom with him
“Jester if you will rebuild this kingdom of where I reign Great rewards are what you will gain
In my place you will have a place In my kingdom you will have a space”

Thus, the jester worked day and night Lifting stones, planting seeds with all his might
To far away lands, on foot he traveled To find men and servants to rebuild the king’s towers
Days passed and the kingdom was built Better, stronger and far richer than what was ruined

The king then gave the jester a room
The king’s castle became the jester’s home
With all his heart the jester served his king Working day and night to keep his reign
The king and the jester worked to make the kingdom grow Through the days they reaped what they sow

The nobles and princes heard of the king’s newfound riches One by one they were back in the castle
One maiden, one noble came one after the other The king welcomed them all like a father
One by one the nobles came All of them, wanting to take over

The jester watched them all in their merriment Each gold and food he earned, the nobles spent
The king seem blinded by his happiness Blinded by the return of his beloved nobles
Unaware of the trouble that’s underway Forgetting that it was the jester who stayed

The jester’s room, is now gone To the maidens and princes it was given
Outside the castle, he now sleeps With no roof to shelter him as he sleeps
From the castle door, you will see him weep Foreseeing his beloved king’s defeat

Slowly he turned his back from the king’s palace With a heavy heart he looks at this place
His feet began to move to start another journey Away from this kingdom that forgot his story
Maybe somewhere he will have a space Maybe someday, his king will remember

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