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Kingdom Essay
Taylor Downey
Grand Canyon University: BIB 354

Kingdom Essay Within scripture and the gospels, Jesus was an incredible teacher and preached the good news of the kingdom of God to those around Him in his ministry. In the Gospels, he is called teacher more than 40 times, which proves that he was truly an influential figure and people hung to every word he spoke. Within his words and teachings, he talks about a variety of topics such as love, forgiveness, and purity. However, the big picture for Jesus as a teacher was speaking truth and pointing people towards the coming of the Kingdom of God. The majority of what he spoke on centered on this idea of kingdom, which showed the many characteristics of the Kingdom.
How Jesus Taught The material to which Jesus taught was very impactful, but they way he delivered it and taught was truly unlike any other. Jesus was know for using parables within his lessons because of the audience he dealt with and the resistance he might face. The best way to fight the resistance was to teach in a way that broke through potential hostility within listeners while teaching on dangerous topics (Stein, 1996). The beautiful thing about the way that Jesus taught was before his listeners could resist what he was saying, he already got his point across and it was received because of the parables in which he used. An example of this would be in Luke chapter 13 verse 18 and 19 when he uses the phrase “like a mustard seed” and uses a parable to describe the Kingdom of God.
The Kingdom is Here and Eternal One of the first principles of the Kingdom that Jesus preaches and teaches about is that the Kingdom is here for the Gentiles and present with the coming of himself. There were many promises and prophecies in the Old Testament about the coming of a Messiah along with the kingdom. As Jesus came into the world,...

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