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Jet Blue Airways: Regaining Altitude Case Study

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1. How could JetBlue have better communicated with its internal stakeholders across the country on Valentine’s Day and during the days that followed to enhance its image with customers? Stakeholders have their own perception before they begin their interaction with the organization. Usually, the perception is based on what they have read, been told, and what they have been exposed to. JetBlue needed to have ensured the quality of each and every interaction. Updating their web site accordingly, placing automated phone calls telling people that their flights have been canceled and that they were being given a free flight voucher. They needed to make sure that they emphasized how sorry they were and that it is due to the weather, but they were doing everything possible to alleviate the situation. 2. Should the corporate communications team at JetBlue have arrange for CEO David Neeleman to appear on the national television news and talk show circuit following the crisis? What might be the potential benefits and risks to the company’s reputation? The corporate communications team should have arranged for David Deeleman to appear on the talk shows and news shows. He could be potentially pitted against the customers that were unhappy about it, and he may interact with people who are motivated by emotion. It is how he handles the situation. He should have gone on those shows and apologized, spoke about the weather conditions, emphasized it. Also owned up the JetBlue’s mistakes, and how they plan on fixing it for the customers so it never happens again. He could have created an image of JetBlue as the company that doesn't hide and is constantly trying to raise industry standards and practices. 3. What kind of corporate advertising program would you recommend for JetBlue? JetBlue should have the CEO write an op-ed in newspapers and magazines such as...

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