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Jet Blue Airways

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Running head: CRAFTING AND EXECUTING STRATEGY – Jet Blue Airways

Jet Blue Airways
LaKessica B. Carter
Dr. Akpan
BUS599 - Strategic Management
April 17, 2011

With the constant changes with the airline industries and the chaotic state each have represented for a number of years constant strategic planning and trends are the focus today. A trend can shape a company or cause it to head back to the drawing board. An airline, such as Jet Blue Airways has to change strategically and adapt to the economic state and conditions. JetBlue Airways specializes in cheap point-to-point flights with high levels of customer service. Due to the dramatic changes in industry structure have occurred against the backdrop of strongly growing airline activity. This part of a trend involves veering into a new direction. Airline industries are no stranger to trends. The paper will focus will be on JetBlue Airlines and the trends and directions in which it is headed. Discuss the trends in the U.S. airline industry and how these trends might impact a company’s strategy. In 2010, things were looking better for the airline industry but things changed severely with the recessions in 2008-2009. In order to cope with the downfall several airlines have been forced to respond by cutting back on flights, rescheduling existing routes and searching for new revenue streams such as charging for aisle seats and baggage. According to the text, JetBlue began several new strategies in order to adjust by reevaluating the ways it was using its assets, reduction of capacity and cutting costs, raising fares and growing in select markets, offering improved services to corporations and business travelers, strategic partnerships and increase ancillary revenues in order to remain competitive. JetBlue new strategy involved implementing new ways by reevaluating two of their airline’s key...

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