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Jet Blue & Beyond

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Jet Blue Airlines & Beyond
Rashed Sulaiman Burgess

Business 599 Strategic Management

Leonardo Serrano

Strayer University

April 18, 2012

Introduction The life’s lessons and advice that David Neeleman experienced earlier in life, shaped him into the man that he is today. He thought about one day being the leader of his own business entity. While working at a grocery store he was advised by his grandfather to “never disappoint customers, satisfied customers would return” (Thompson, Strickland, and Gamble, Crafting & Executing Strategy, 2009). This piece of advice is what Jet Blue’s operation revolves around. The priority of the airlines is taking care of the customers, so that brand commitment is created. David Neeleman used his personal experiences of flying as a blue print to shape his Airlines. He wanted to make sure that customers are always comfortable and that they never have any bad experiences when they fly. Neeleman created his own solutions to resolve growing trends, and created a strategy that will eject JetBlue to the top. His efforts were not in vain, because Jet Blue enjoyed increased revenues in their first 3 years. The aims and ideals of David Neeleman are embedded into the brains of his employees and they shared the same objectives. He would not hire anyone who disagreed with how Jet Blue was operated. Jet Blue will continue to grow and to evolve and maintain their leader status in the airline industry.
Trends & the Airline Industry Whenever we watch television and a commercial comes on we can gather from the advertisement the different trends that are taking place in this industry. Everyone is feeling the effects of the economy. There are people spending less money, which is not healthy for the economy. Businesses and the…...

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