Jet Copies Case Study

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James C. Kessler
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Dr. Yaw Kyei
January 3, 2013

Jet Copies Case Study 2
I typed the name jet copies into the A1 slot. Then I made the letters bold and used the cells section to increase the row height and the column width. I also increased the font size.
I then typed in the probability of weekly demand section. Increasing the font size and making it bold. I set up three columns, P(x), cumulative, and repair time. This was taken from the table that was given. Because we need 52 weeks of information I set numbers for 60 weeks, starting with column E6. I then went to G6 and typed in =RAND() to start a random number sequence and hit enter. I then clicked on G6 and right clicked and held down to set up 60 random numbers. I then went to the clipboard section and clicked copy. Then we clicked on F6, then right clicked, then clicked on past special, then clicked on values, then clicked ok to set the values we would use. Then I left clicked on G6, then clicked on delete, then clicked entire column to remove.
To develop the probability of breakdowns I had to assume values for P(y). We were given six operating times and given .33 as the highest probability, we then assumed the others with the total equaling 1.00. I then set up the cumulative column, and the operating time to breakdown column. Now I can do the calculation to get the times between breakdowns in weeks. This I set up in column G starting at G6 for the sixty weeks. In G6 I typed the formula, =Vlookup(F6,B20:C25,2). I then left clicked on G6 and scrolled down to get the values. I then started a column H, beginning with H6, to come up with the 52 weeks for one year. In H6 we interred the value for the first…...