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Jewelry and the 4 Ps

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Jewelry and the 4Ps
Shannon Vauthier
AIU Online Abstract
Jewelry is not only an accessory; jewelry is necessary. Some would say jewelry is not for them, however, jewelry comes in different forms. For example, necklaces always complete an outfit. Exchanging of rings at weddings never make a person sad. A cowboy who just won the rodeo is happy to show off his new belt buckle. After twenty years working on the railroad, a conductor shows off the watch, he got for a job well done and his dedication. Jewelry is on almost everyone in the world in one form or another.

Jewelry and the 4Ps Society will always have a use for jewelry. Jewelry is made everyday by children to adults; small businesses to large manufactures, just to decorate in a different point of view. A child loves to surprise an adult with a macaroni necklace he or she constructed at pre-school. A teenage male presents his girlfriend with his class pin as he promises to be faithful to her. Celebrities walk down the red carpet at a premier wearing a high designers’ tiara that goes with her necklace, bracelet, and earring set to accent her designer dress. Society, young and old, will always love the surprise of jewelry. A new piece of jewelry will always make a person feel special.
Deciding to market a certain item takes a lot of research. Once corporations decide on a product, there are numerous steps before a product can continue on to the next step. These steps can be from deciding what type of product to produce and end up deciding where to put a product that people can buy. Products that people can buy everyday go through many steps before society can purchase the item. For example, I have chosen to focus on jewelry and the journey it takes to find the way into my jewelry box.
Committees will gather together with a creator to discuss the creation of the jewelry. This can include...

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