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Jewish Holidays Paper
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The Jewish community and religious practices has always been one of the religions that I have been curious about. From looking on the outside in, I have always felt that they are a tight knit community along with their religious practices and I am glad that we are learning about the history of Judaism. In this paper we will discuss the time of year of the holy days, the historical origin of the holy days and the practices associated with the days, and the theological or cultural differences that might lead to differences in the observance of the holy day by the various branches of Judaism.
When I think of holy days I compare them to the practices of my Christian beliefs. In Christian beliefs, Sunday, is the day that we relax with family friends while focusing on God. Along with that we celebrate other holidays such as Christmas and Easter which are the birth and resurrection days of Jesus Christ. In Judaism, the time of the week they observe as the holiday starts on sunset Friday and last until sunset Saturday at sunset. The reason why Jewish people have given this day as a time of rest is a symbol and reminder of how God created the earth and on the Sabbath day he rested. I remember my grandmother cooking Sundays dinner on Saturday’s and I always thought the reason for that was because after we had a long day of church we could come in and just warm the food up quickly so that we all could eat. Reading the practices of Judaism, I noticed that since the Sabbath day was a time for rest for them a rule that they kept in mind was historically was they never sacrificed animals during their day of rest and they either cooked food the day before or they ate it raw out of respect to their Sabbath day honoring that time as a day of rest. This is also a practice in the Christian faith and now I understand why she had…...

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