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Thesis: Hip Hop music has become a widely debated topic when it comes to the Urban Youth behavior and the music’s effect on the Urban Youth Culture.

I. Hip Hop music is not only an outlet for today’s urban youth but it also provides, mainly within its lyrics, a positive message to many struggling to cope with everyday life.
A. Artists channel their lyrics into the everyday struggles of the working class community.
B. Artists such as Beyoncé channel their music into the empowerment of young women.
C. Hip Hop artists go back to schools in their childhood communities to give back to those who don’t have.

II. Many Hip Hop artists strive to be positive role models for upcoming men and women of today’s generation.
A. Artists such as Jay Z strive to be a positive role model for young men of today’s upcoming urban culture.
B. Artists encourage positivity in youth through their lyrics and appeal.
C. Hip Hop celebrities such as Brandy writes music that encourages young women that they can do anything they set their hearts to.

III. Hip Hop music is the cause of a lot of violence in the urban youth culture.
A. Many hip hop artists write explicit lyrics that promote sex, drugs, and violence.
B. Hip hop music videos are not as censored as they should be when it comes to violence.
C. Some lyrics in some of today’s hip hop places in the minds of young urban listeners that it is ok to be violent.

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