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Improving Academic Success with Jigsaw Classroom

Improving Academic Success with Jigsaw Classroom
Problem Statement Students from an at-risk population are struggling academically and could benefit from a cooperative learning environment.
The purpose of this study is to determine whether the jigsaw classroom is an effective means to increase students’ academic success skills in an at-risk population.
Students from an at-risk population engaged in using the jigsaw classroom method of instruction will show improved academic success skills. Students will receive positive affirmation, have protection from adverse consequences, and build self-esteem and confidence to develop intrinsic motivation.
Description of Methodology The proposal will involve placing students in groups for the purpose of learning. This arrangement will enable students to work independently at first, then share information and finally become experts in order to educate teammates. Students will be arranged into four equal groups with two females and two males in each group. Students will receive an assignment and the work will be broken into four equal parts. Students will first research the assigned topic independently. Once information has been gathered independently, students will discuss and share the information with other members of the class that researched the same information. This allows students to share what they have learned, contributing to the group and ensuring that they have covered the research material thoroughly. Providing students with opportunities to actively participate in their own learning establishes empowering abilities that can produce lifelong learners. Empowering students eliminates frustration that follows inability to comprehend material being taught. If students are given the freedom to conduct research on...

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