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Jim Poss Case Stusy


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Jim Poss Case Study

1. Who is Jim Poss a. Jim Poss demonstrates a strong passion for project even after so many people shot down the idea. His passion translates into determination to getting the idea out to potential customers/investors. Taking risks like going into solar power when the trend was heading toward wind and selling his product even though he didn’t have a finished product to sell. And he craves learning, working 3 jobs, double major and a minor plus an MBA before working his new venture gave him the knowledge and confidence to try for it. b. When comparing myself to Jim Poss, it doesn’t even come close to similar. His amazingly driven and a very creative individual; I am nowhere near the same level as he is. With more practice and experience in the real world maybe I can gain the right knowledge to start a business but right now I wouldn’t dare. 2. What are the most Compelling features of the Big Belly venture? c. Consider i. Market: Solar Trash Compactor business ii. Customer Problem Solution: Created a solar powered public trash compactor which will would offer significant savings and cut down trash pick-ups and reduce fuel consumption significantly. iii. Competitive Landscape: The product is very unique compared to what is traditionally used like conventional dumpsters and compactors. The product does not have any direct competitors but still has possible competition with existing compactors/dumpsters d. Evaluate Target market selection: Businesses that are remote, have high trash volume, financially stable and an appreciation for the environmental cachet. So places like ski resorts, amusement parks, tourist sites possibly stadiums and campuses. e. Barriers to Entry: Low competition but reason to believe there will be imitation after implementing the system. Threat of

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