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ThrowsLeft throws:1. O Goshi 2. O Soto Gari 3. O Uchi Gari 4. Ko Soto Gari 5. Ko Soto Gake | O Goshi – major hip Koshi Guruma – hip wheel Ashi Guruma – ankle wheel Mizu Nage – water throw Uki Goshi – floating hip O Soto Gari – major outer reap Ko Soto Gari – minor outer reap Ko Soto Gake – minor outer hook O Uchi Gari – major inner reap Ko Uchi Gari – minor inner reap Ippon Saio Nage – 1 point back carry throw Saio Toshi – back carry drop O Tsuri Goshi – major lifting hip Ko Tsuri Goshi – minor lifting hip O Soto O Toshi – major outer drop Harai Goshi – sweeping hip Hanai Goshi – springing hip Eri Saio Nage – lapel back carry throw Tsuri Komi Goshi – lifting pulling hip O Guruma – major wheel Taio Toshi – body drop Shiho Nage – 4 direction throw Morote Seio Nage – 2 Hand Back Carry Throw Yoko Otoshi – Side Drop (Sacrifice throw) Uke Waza – floating technique (sacrifice throw) | Arm Locks | I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX | Leg Locks | I, II, II, IV, V | Ankle Locks | I, II, III, IV | Head Locks | I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII | Wrist Locks | I, II, III, IV, V, VI | Kyushu | I.i. taisho bridge of nose, hisa I.ii. Ki kau ken I.iii. Uraken uchi, kakato I.iv. Shuto, sekuto I.v. Hisa small of , nukute, Higi I.vii. To floating rib, gake II.i. Dayubi ippon ken (eyes) II. ii. Rake over eyes (shuko ken), double shuto to collar bones, sekuto to knee capII. Iii. Cross block, open neck, shuto neck, ears roll down, hisa to base of nose II. iv. Back hand grab, break arm and knee behind leg II. v. out block, cocyx strike, kakato achilles heel II. vi. outside double block, double shuto vertebral arteries, recharge shuto to C7 III. i. Cross block, head down from back of neck, tetsui hammer fist to top of head, shuto to back of neck. III. ii. First strike (ippon ken) to bicep, nukute to throat. III. Iii. Rake over eyes, finger behind collar bone III. iv. Back cross block, Higi to back, roll over and pull down back muscles. III. v. ko uchi gari, pinch thigh, pull arm up, kakato to mastoid III. vi. ippon saio nage throw from uke, Boshi ken to mastoid. | Katas + Bo + Jo (Jo=Uke Waza) | Ashi Sabake Ate Kata Kamae No Kata Yo Me No Buno Sho + Yo Me No Buno Dai Hanbo Kata (also with punches)Hanbo Kamae Jo Kamae (Chudan, Gedan, Jo Uke Waza (blocks) Jo Seme Waza (strikes) | Grabs + Weapons | Front ear, rear ear Front strangle, rear strangle front bear hug, rear bear hug front under the arms, rear under the arms front hair, rear hair wrist lapel bottle and kosh overhead and backhand knife straight, overhead, kidney, back hand slash, forward hand slash | Rolls, Breakfalls and Drops | Front Back SideOver the beltSit on drop off Kick and drop Hand stand break fallLeap frog toshi drop | Groundwork | Kata Gatame – shoulder holdKesa Gatame – scarf holdYoko Shiho Gatame – side four quarter hold Tate Shiho Gatame – lower four quarters hold ( Kami Shiho Gatame – upper four quarters hold (Croc roll) Ude Juji Gatame – cross arm lock (Arm bar) | Sacrifice Throws (Sutemi Nage Waza) | Yoko Otoshi Uki Waza |

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