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B. Required Discussion Board assignment
Based on your reading of the text and supporting materials, it is evident that neurotransmitters play a crucial role in regulating brain function involved with cognition, affect, and behavior.
Part One • Define neurotransmitters, and describe how they do their jobs. • Discuss neurotransmitter excitation and inhibition.
Part Two
Pick 1 of the following topics on which to comment: • Give an example of, and discuss how neurotransmitters play a role in your psychological health. Use examples such as sleeping, eating, memory, thinking, or mood. Pick an example from 1 of these human functions. For example, “I don’t sleep well; it could be because of serotonin imbalance,” or “When I feel good, my dopamine is flowing.” • This company sells dietary supplements to boost neurotransmitter production. This page defines neurotransmitters. Why might it not be desirable to use this as a source for an academic paper on neurotransmitters?
Part One: Define & Discuss

“Action potentials travel down the axon to the terminal buttons, or end feet, of the neuron. Then a change occurs in the synapse, the space between the end foot and other neurons. Located near the synapse is the neuron’s terminal button, where neurotransmitters— the chemicals that are transmitted from one neuron to another— are stored in sacs.” (Psychology CH.3 pg ) The synaptic vesicles, chemical sacs located in the terminal button, makes the vesicles release neurotransmitters once electric charges from action potentials are experienced. Once neurons are released they may drift across synapse and attached to receptors sites on the postsynaptic membrane, on other sides of the synapse. If neurons are unable float into the synapse, reuptake may occur, a process by which neurons reabsorb transmitters floating freely.

When a neuron is excited it...

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