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A brief discussion about 6 organizational characteristics differences:

Outcome Orientation:

Etisalat's outcome orientation is low. This is basically because Etisalat does not look for the outcome only (profit), but also for the customers' expectations that will pamper their expectations. And also because Etisalat is newly started in Egypt, therefore it has to exceed customers' expectations and to beat the strong competitors in the same region (Vodafone and Mobinil),which are competing themselves by more offers, discounts and new services to delight their customers.Etisalat also needs more attention from the people in the region to attract people to it, so it makes a lot of advertising and also attractive advertising; to attract customers to Etisalat from all around the areas where its services are able to reach.
3. People Orientation:

People orientation in Etisalat is high. People working in Etisalat, work under one condition which is to achieve the organizational goal (satisfy the customer needs with lowest cost and price possible). Also there are many other factors affecting the people working in Etisalat Company, such as a suitable working environment, which has a big role in making the employees work efficiently and friendly with each other. Also salaries earned by the ope operating staff is a factor of great importance that greatly affects people orientation in the company, because salaries are not suitable, chances of employee's efficiency to decrease is likely high. The third important factor is the Incentives that employees get provided with. Incentives must be high in order to encourage staff to work. These factors are all achieved by Etisalat in order to increase and attain the highest level of people orientation possible. Etisalat's provides special offers to its employees, to improve their working mood and provide a sense of satisfaction in...

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