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Joan Miró's Art Summary

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Summary of Reading two
• Rapid technology progress during the twentieth century led to an ever increasing specialization in many different professions except art
• Miró was an expert in investigating all the possibilities to be found in materials, forms, and colors
• Miró’s art is highly diverse and wasn’t just limited to painting; he explored other fields as well, such as: sculptor, graphic work, tapestry, ceramics, and theatre
• Joan Miró had the same name as his paternal grandfather who was a blacksmith in Tarragona
• Miró’s father left Tarragona and went to Barcelona to become a jeweler and watchmaker.
• Miró’s travels between Majorca and Tarragona heavily influenced his art and made him feel a very strong affinity for the country side
• As a young boy, Miró was heavily influenced by Barcelona art such as the Romanesque paintings in the Museum of Fine Arts and Gaudi’s buildings
• Miró gained a passion for the Mediterranean sea in Majorca as opposed to his home in Barcelona. This was because he thought that Barcelona was a city that
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The same can be said about his renditions of nature and Catalan

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