Joan Miro

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Joan Miro was born on 1893 in Spain and he was a Spanish artist for the twentieth century. When he moved to Spain in 1919 after the World War I he met other struggling artist including Pablo Picasso who is also a Spaniard like Miro. Most of the artists there were Surrealist which is working with dreams, memory, and abstract. Joan Miro was a surrealist who created abstract art of people. He would use simple lines and flat, bright colored shapes to create his work.
The reason Joan miro used abstract symbols was because after he graduated high school at the age of 17 he got sick and had to go to a families barn to recover but while he was there he used his surrounding such as the sun, plants, a ladder, and animals which was represented as realistically. In most of his art you will see a circle or lots of circles, this was his favorite shape.
In one of his artworks called dog barking in the moon he created an image of a ladder going into the dark sky of going nowhere, the grotesque looking dog who is howling at the distorted moon, and a mysterious bird like figure above the ladder. He creates images like this to let the viewers use their imagination to figure out the haunting visual image.
Joan Miro became famous for making a self portrait out of the style of abstract and then later he painted another self portrait of himself but more realistic but still has a little abstract. People loved his artwork because of the shapes and the bright colors and the thick bold lines in his art and how he would create something but when you look at it you have to use your imagination to figure out what he painted. Joan Miro would paint his deepest feelings but he would also create monumental sculptures and murals.
I chose this artist because I am more into abstract art and when you look at his work it’s just mainly shapes and creativity. While I was sketching this out I was…...