Job Analysis Paper

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Job Analysis paper
Anne Solomon
Industrial/Organizational Psychology/PSY435
Professor Rockel Etienne
May 2, 2011
Job Analysis paper

The purpose of job analysis is the studying and evaluating what a job entails; describing precisely the skills needed and the qualifications to fulfill the job position accurately. Job analysis is when most personnel functions because the methods of any job need to be precise. For example, in a job position the duties of that position should be clearly stated. Therefore, the job analyst would need to observe a person in the current position. This can be helpful as well in determining what skills and requirements are necessary to perform that job most efficiently. Also jobs are continually changing as time goes on so job analysis needs to take note of any changes periodically so that the current job duties and requirements are kept up-to-date. This means that the person doing the analysis should also be very familiar with that job and position. “A job analysis leads directly to the development of several other important personnel [tools]; a job specification, a job evaluation, and performance criteria” (Riggio, 2008, p. 57).
The job of paraeducator is an important one. The job of paraeducator consists of assisting full-inclusion (FI) students. Full-inclusion students are students that have special needs that are mainstreamed into a regular classroom among peers that do not have special needs. The class has a state credentialed teacher that the paraeducator works with as an educational team for not only the full-inclusion student but the entire class as well.
Job analysis methods are measured accessible for performing an analysis of a particular job. They consist of a detailed and accurate description of the steps that one uses to complete tasks to perform or fulfill the duties of…...