Job Analysis Paper

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Job Analysis Paper

Job Analysis Paper
Job Analysis of Probation Officers
This paper will provide some insight on the functional job analysis for a probation officer, it will discuss how a functional job analysis can be used within this organization, it will go on to evaluate the reliability and validity of a functional job analysis, this paper will also evaluate different performance appraisal methods and how they might be applied to a probation officer, this paper will conclude by explaining the various benefits and vulnerabilities of each performance appraisal method concerning the job of a probation officer.
Probation Officer: Functional Job Analysis
The selection method for probation officials utilizing the functional job evaluation is very important. The functional job evaluation consists of observation and selection interviews; it assists to set recommendations for the job outline. Rapport shared with probation/parole and a functional job evaluation is the least complicated. The job requirements for a probation officer candidate should satisfy the requirements. At the least a bachelor’s qualification in social work, criminal justice, psychology, or a relevant study is needed for certification (Education Portal. 2011).
Nevertheless, much more information by way of functional job evaluation assists to decide eligibility needs to work for the Department of Corrections. In the state of Delaware I/O psychiatrists have evolved physical, psychological, medical, selection interviews, and track record inspections. The academy is fourteen weeks and includes areas of office and home visits, self-defense, and deadly force (MDOC, 2011). Functional job evaluation is an excellent technique used to get the most qualified candidates. This method can assist different people not suitable for the job, or need to make improvements in a few areas. A company such a…...