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Job Analysis Report- Front Office Manager

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For this project, I chose to do an analysis for the position of Front Office Manager. I think this position is critical to any company within the hospitality industry. The job usually involves using communication and organizational skills to coordinate, supervise, manage and train others to accomplish goals. Previous work-related skill, knowledge and/ or experience are required for this position. Employees in this position usually need one to two years of training involving both on-the job experience and informal training with experienced managers.

There are several different reasons for selecting this particular position, one of the most important is that I will be working in this position in the near future. Also, I see myself doing this for several years. I also have a very close friend who has enjoyed this position for many years and has excelled at it. It is something I find very interesting and has a variety of duties for me to analyze.

I used related articles and resources found through internet search as well as my SME and own experience which I have gained through the training process. I have used the competency model since it identifies the competencies needed to perform a specific role in a job, organization and profession.

I used two different sources of information. Firstly, I used the information found in the job listings on the O*Net system website, There were several listings from which I selected “Lodging Managers” since it was the closest match to “Front Office Manager”. Secondly, I used my friend’s and my own experience as subject matter expert (SME) to complete several sections such as task dimensions, percentage of time spent, KSAO’s, etc.

I began by going through the...

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