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Compensation Management HR494

In researching the different options available for job analysis, I found a listing of the different types on website. The list includes direct observation, work methods analysis, critical incident technique, interview method, position analysis questionnaire, functional job analysis, work profiling system, MOSAIC model, common metric questionnaire, Fleishman job analysis systems, task inventory, job element method, diary method, checklist and rating scales, competency profiling, examining manual/reference materials, technical conference and threshold traits analysis system. Of these different options, I would choose to use a combination of the direct observation and the functional job analysis. “Direct observation enables the trained job analyst to obtain first-hand knowledge and information about the job being analyzed.” ( This method is best suited for jobs that have the following work behaviors: involve some degree of movement; that have task that are short in duration; and in which the observer can learn information about the job through observation. The biggest advantage of observation is that the analyst is able to get first-hand knowledge about the job, unlike with other methods such as interview or questionnaire in which these only allow the analyst to indirectly obtain the knowledge. Also, with observation you are able to see and experience the work environment, tools and equipment used, and the complexity of the job. Of course the disadvantage to observation is if the person being observed knows that they are being watched, they may alter the way that they perform. This would of course cause false data to be collected. “Functional job analysis is a system devised by the US Department of Labor in the 1940s to determine all a job’s elements and evaluate them, ranking their importance to the job.” ( This analysis is an in depth look to all the functions that are performed for a particular job, it measure the time spent doing each task, the amount of instruction and supervision that is needed, and any training that is required to perform the job correctly. Many companies use this analysis as the first step in creating job descriptions. The advantage to using this would be the thoroughness of ensuring that all tasks are covered and accounted for. Time to conduct this type of analysis is lengthy with of course is a disadvantage. In summary by combining both of these methods you would be able to have a clear and complete understanding of what the job entails and how much time and effort is needed to perform the job. Many other methods are available but these two, in my opinion, are the ones that would provide the best options for a packaging line.

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