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Business Practices Grab and Go Lesson

Responsibilities of the Center Director —A Child Care Professional
Managing a child care center is a big job. It takes someone who loves children, understands people, and can handle the business side of child care. Whether a center is small or large, it is the center director’s responsibility to be sure that each child is receiving the very best care possible. This means that each child is treated with love and respect and helped to fully develop. Doing a good job is not easy, but the rewards are great. To do the best job as a center director, you need to • MaNage: Know what needs to be done.


• •

LeaD: get things done through your staff. USe reSoUrceS WISeLy: Make the best use of what you have.


Management in child care is a special mix of caring, understanding your staff, and knowing how you want your center to operate. The following tips on communication and supervision will help you 1. Keep the focus on meeting the children’s needs by giving quality child care. 2. Have goals for your child care center. Know where you are going so you will know when you get there.

National Food Service Management Institute

Business Practices Grab and Go Lesson Responsibilities of the Center Director —A Child Care Professional
3. Work with staff to help them learn to provide quality care. give them feedback when they do things right and when they need to improve. 4. Keep up with what is happening in all areas of the center, including the kitchen. 5. get organized. Do paperwork correctly and on time. 6. Use what you know about children, and your own common sense, to make sound management decisions.


center staff members need a good leader to keep them focused on providing quality care. you can show your leadership through the way you communicate and the way you supervise staff. Tips on...

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