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Job Development

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Laura Wyckoff Carol Clymer

a guide for job developers
Second Edition

Second Edition
Laura Wyckoff Carol Clymer

Second Edition © copyright 2005. Public/Private Ventures. All rights reserved.



Acknowledgments .............................................................................. 6 Developers, Writers, and Funders........................................................ 7 About Job Development Essentials......................................................... 9 Before You Begin ............................................................................. 11 CHAPTER 1: LAYING THE GROUNDWORK ............................................. 13 Preparation Checklist Educating Yourself Resources for Research Starting a Dialogue Tips for Preparing Preparing an Attitude Planning for Initial Contact Common Mistakes About Your Performance CHAPTER 2: MAKING INITIAL CONTACTS .............................................. 25 Six Facts A True Story Outline for an Initial Call Keep the Dialogue Going Steps for Handling Objections Determining Needs, Offering Services Getting the Specifics Employer Contact Record Checklist for a Site Visit Common Mistakes About Your Performance

table of CONTENTS



table of CONTENTS

CHAPTER 3: DEVELOPING THE EMPLOYER RELATIONSHIP ...................... 39 Another True Story Advice on the Personal Developing and Maintaining the Relationship Planning for an Employer Event Hooks and Reasons Common Mistakes About Your Performance CHAPTER 4: NETWORKING.................................................................. 49 Think Like a Networker Ideas for Building a Network A Month in the Life Brainstorming...

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