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Job Discription

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Job Description Matrix

HCS/341--Human Resources in Health Care
August 27, 2012
Deidra Johnson

Job Description Matrix
Recruitment Matrix Recruitment Strategy or Method | External or Internal | Appropriateness for Health Care | Job Centre’s | External | Yes, appropriate for health care because thousands of individuals can be contacted at a low cost to the organization. | Job Advertisements | External | Yes, appropriate for health care. Particularly internet advertisement where individuals can locate online job sites focusing on various jobs within the healthcare system. A large number of individuals can be targeted through advertisements therefore a top candidate for the position is found. | Recruitment Agency | External | Yes, appropriate for health care. A recruitment agency is hired by an organization to seek out potential employees with specific education and skills. | Personal Recommendation | External | Yes, appropriate for health care. A positive personal recommendation can demonstrate to the human resource staff what type of employee they are hiring, what type of skills they possess, and if they possess good work ethics. | Clinician Referral | Internal | Yes, appropriate for health care. A clinical referral from within the organization can make the process easier for the company. If an open position is filled by a current staff member already in the organization it can cut back on education cost. In addition the current staff member would all ready possess the knowledge of the organization’s mission statement and goals. However, the current staff member must possess the qualifications, education, and skills required for the open position. In addition, if a license to practice is required it must be current and held by the current employee. |

Responsibilities and Objectives
Skill Levels Needed...

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