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Job Analysis/Function
Fran Kirby
Monday July 4th, 2011
Sherri Johnson

Job Analysis/Function

To: Executive Management Council, Computershare Inc., Canton, MA
From: Fran Kirby, Transaction Services Unit Leader, Canton, MA
Subject: Job Analysis/Function for Assistant Team Leader

It has been determined and suggested that we review the need for a new position within the Transaction Services department for an Assistant Team Leader. A careful job analysis has been conducted through job performance review and associate interviews. Before the elements of the Assistant Team Leader are discussed, a quick background for the need for the position. Within the past three months, out processing rate to meet the SEC standards was down 3%. After reviewing the items that did not meet the turnaround time, it has been determined that 58% of these items would have met standard if the unit leader was not out of the office for an extended period of time. Many of these transfer requests were escalated for management review to the unit leader. Normally the unit leader would review the item the same day for disposition. With the unit leader out of the office, the items stayed in the escalate queue for over a period of several days. This caused the item to miss the turnaround time for a transfer. It is understood that if Computershare does not meet turnaround standards for two consecutive months, the fines levied by the SEC are substantial. We are now into the second month and a continued decline in processing rate would cause serious financial implications for the company.
What was done to determine if the position would be successful is we had several experienced associates handle escalated items instead of the unit leader. Each associate was given the authority to make basic business decisions in regard to transfers only. When a processor had a question regarding how to process an item, they would then escalate to the experienced associates. They in turn would review the item and send it back to the processing with notes as to how to handle the item. This is normally the responsibility of the unit leader. Based upon research and follow up with the items that were reviewed by the senior associates, each item was handled properly. If the unit leader was out of the office, those items would not be looked at until they returned thereby possibly causing the items to miss turnaround. Also, all associates were interviewed about the position and one of the biggest comments and concerns were there was no one to ask for advice when the unit leader was out. Based upon the research and interviews, the position of Assistant Team Leader has been formulated.
You will find the attached job description for the Assistant Team Leader. It is using the processing associate description and adding a few items that the unit leader would normally handle on a day to day basis. A few notes about this position. It is not an Exempt position. The associate selected would still be an hourly associate but with a raise in the hourly rate accordingly. This position will not inflect that the associate chosen will have managerial responsibilities for other associates. They will be acting as subject matter experts. They will not have any input as to paid time off, work schedules, personal issues. They will monitor the queues to ensure that the work is being done properly and answer any questions while the unit leader is out.
It is requested that this position be approved and created for the benefit of not only Computershare, but also the associate and the Unit Leader. It will allow the Unit Leader to plan for vacation or time off without having to find someone to cover for them. It will promote a positive environment for the associates to know that the company does offer growth potential and it will allow Computershare to remain within the standards for transfer turnarounds.


Francis Kirby
Unit Leader

Job Purpose:
To provides knowledge and experience to the Transaction Services Unit Leader to assist in handling complicated and escalated issues. To support the Unit Leader through the monitoring of the queues and handling special projects as needed. To perform the duties of the Unit Leader in their absence either scheduled or unscheduled. Will assist the Unit Leader in the daily and monthly processing and quality reports for the team.
Minimal Qualifications:
Education: An Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in any related course work. Related Data entry or financial services experience may be substituted for degree.
Experience: Minimum of two years experience in data entry, preferably in the Financial services industry. Knowledge of stock transfers is preferable.
Skills: Formal training and/or proficiency in Microsoft Office programs and other office equipment. Familiar with Excel and Workflow a plus. Must Have a keen sense of reasoning and to comprehend written words. The ability to use deductive reasoning is essential to the position.
Other: Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. Diplomacy and discretion are essential, as well as excellent organizational skills and the ability to prioritize multiple projects. Professional demeanor and appearance. Adherence to confidentiality guidelines and SEC laws is required.
Status: Non Exempt, this is an hourly position

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