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just landed an interview with IBM this Friday. I was picked as an alternate but there were open slots so I landed one. this means I'm not on their A-list already and I need to prove myself.
I definitely think I can handle the job, but I don't want to get thrown off by a poor interview.
Qualifications needed: * Ability to work in the U.S. without current/future need for IBM sponsorship * Willingness and ability to travel up to 75% to client locations (Monday-Thursday, Friday's as needed) * Reside within a reasonable commuting distance - generally 50 miles or less ¿ of one of the following cities: Atlanta (GA), Boston (MA), Chicago (IL), Detroit (MI), Houston (TX), New York (NY) and metro area, Philadelphia (PA), Washington (DC) and metro area * Minimum 3.2 GPA * In process of obtaining Bachelors or Masters degree
Job Details Given: Entry-level consultants at IBM contribute right away to top-tier clients and have an opportunity to build a powerful portfolio of interesting and rewarding experiences. Consultants work on projects that help clients integrate strategy, process, technology and information to increase effectiveness, reduce costs and improve profit and shareholder value. They can take advantage of opportunities to master new skills, work across different disciplines and move into new challenges.
Help!: I don't think I need any communication advice like strong handshakes and such like that. I need advice on how to prepare. I don't know what to read up on or what types of questions I should be prepared to answer. As of now I will be brushing up on IBM history and try to learn important specific facts about the company. Are tech/consulting interviews very different than like a basic customer service interview? If so, please elaborate.
So yeah, anything that comes to mind feel free to post. Also, if there is anything neat about IBM you'd like to share; I'm...

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