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Job Satifaction in the Workplace

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Job Satisfaction in the Workplace
Jonathan Salter
Thomas Jefferson University

MGMT 304: Management and Organizational Theory in Health Services Organizations
Facilitator: Maryann Hughes

A broad definition of Job Satisfaction is a positive feeling about a job resulting from evaluating its characteristics. Satisfaction often plays a significant role in job performance, overall behavior, customer service and employee turnover. Job Satisfaction also can impact your quality of life and may impact those around you. It is important to understand the effects of job satisfaction on an organization, the satisfaction of its employees will affect many facets of the business.

Importance of Job Satisfaction
Job Satisfaction is defined as a positive feeling about a job resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics. (Robbins, Judge 2009 p.83) An employee should have interest in the particular job they do and should feel engaged with the organization. This will allow the company to keep employees satisfied and will be rewarded with lower turnover rates. While many jobs are repetitive and may become mundane to the employee, a company must find a way to challenge the boredom and seek ways to expand on the employees talents. Allowing an employee to grow and feel challenged is important when striving for job satisfaction. There is however, a balance needed, if an employee is pushed too hard they may feel overwhelmed. In an instance like this, the employee will search for another position that offers the financial security he or she needs with job characteristics that challenge them appropriately; thus increasing the initial company’s turnover rate. (Koslowsky, Krausz 2002) Whatever job you chose to do it is important you find a place that can potentially contribute to your overall happiness.

Causes of Job Satisfaction
There are many factors that will...

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