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Job Satisfaction in Education

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A Study of Uniglobe College

A Research Proposal

Submitted to the Department of Research, Uniglobe College,
(Pokhara University affiliate) in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor in Business Administration

Dipa Shrestha
Uniglobe College
July 2011

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 3 1.1 Introduction 3
1.2 Statement of Problem 4
1.3 Objective of the study 4
1.4 Organization of the study 5 Chapter 2 REVIEW OF LITERATURE 6 Chapter 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 7 REFERENCES 8

Teaching is a noble and an extraordinary complex activity involving a range of skills, perceptions, attitudes, knowledge and sensitivity. Here, teachers must be more than mere technical or subject experts. A teacher’s growth is reflected in his or her attitude, philosophy, values, belief, interests and job satisfaction. Education is the major instrument to change and has significant task of preparing leaders for different walks of life-social, political, cultural, and scientific and so on. They play key role in the generation, transfer and application of new knowledge. The intellectual dynamism, resourcefulness and economic prosperity of any nation are reflected in the quality of its teachers and education.
The challenge of the twenty first century is a challenge to survive as institutions of quality of excellence. The changing social and economic scenario all over the world indicates that flexibility, adaptation, capacity to bring about changes would be the need of the twenty first century. In order to meet these challenges one has to improve the quality of human input and bring the desired production behavior in the work force. Competent, committed and satisfied teachers are the greatest assets for...

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