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Job Satisfaction on the Pran Mango Juice Company.

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Nargis Begum
Lecturer of business administration
World university of Bangladesh
Dear Madam,
This report entitled “job satisfaction of an industry” is an integral part of our academic program for the BBA degree we have worked various aspects on this matter. We are grateful to you for giving is this exposure to achieve tremendous real life experience during this work. We put the best performance on it. It’s been a pleasure for us to submit here with our dissertation, which has been prepared under the smart and dynamic leadership of a personality like you, again we gratefully thank you for the part of your experience, knowledge and views you share with us. We pray and hope that you would kind enough and grant us and obliged there by.
Your sincerely
Shohel Rana
BBA, 31st A
World University of Bangladesh


This report consists of the contribution of several individuals and institutions. At the beginning we would like to pay my gratitude to the almighty Allah for given us the ability to work under all circumstances, then we would like to thank and our heartiest gratitude goes to prof supervisor Nargis Begum, lecturer world university of Bangladesh. Who approved the proposal and gave a comprehensive idea in completion of the report without her guidance and assistance this work would not have been possible for us to complete.
We would like to thank the authority of “………..” to give us the valued opportunity to make our report successfully.
This report would never relate this level without the help of many institutions. There are,

1. Library, (WUB).
2. Public library Dhaka.
3. Bangladesh Bank library.
Particularly we wish to thank our classmate and fellow friends who supplied some comments suggestion. Without their support this report would have been quite impossible.


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