Job Shadowing the Career of an Accountant

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Job Shadowing the Career of an Accountant
Emily A. Youngblood
Northwood Inc.

This paper was written in accordance of a job shadow I recently conducted at Northwood Inc., of an accountant manager named Denise Nass. Questions that are asked include why I am interested in this career, my previous knowledge, what I learned, the positive and negatives of this career, and my strengths and weaknesses. I’m interested in this career because of the creativity, “number-crunching”, and the environment. From previous accounting classes I know that accountants produce financial statements, budgets, and control inventories. I went to Northwood for a day and observed the actions of Denise and the other accountants in the department. I found that accountant involves many management aspects such as strategic planning and problem solving. I realized that accountant managers receive great pay, benefits, and work in a focused environment. On the other hand, it was very obvious that accounting can be quite boring and difficult to deal with individuals who are very different from yourself. My strengths include being very organized, have patience, can deal with different personalities, and have great problem solving skills. The only weakness I can see associated with this career is how easily I get stressed out.

Since I was in high school, I always knew that when I was older I wanted to become an accountant. I was never really sure what type of accountant or what the job really entailed, but I had my mind set on that major and there was nothing that would be able to change it. I’ve always been interested in being an accountant because of the creativity surprisingly needed, my love of “number-crunching”, and the environment that I would be able to work in for the rest of my life. I believe that I have always been able to find…...