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Jodi Arias

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As everybody knows and has read and watch about Jodi Arias Case. Jodi killed her ex- boyfriend or most likely her "friends with benefits" under jealousy, obsession, love, lust, and hate. Jodi Arias, had a tough past and was treated badly due to her aggressive and violent behavior towards few of friends and parents. Well that's what her parents stated on the interview with the Mesa Police. Not only did she had weird behavior toward her parent's but towards her boyfriends, and Travis's friends , like Sky and Chris Hudges. After a few months knowing Jodi a lot of people noticed her strange behavior, which was fearing and terrifying. In my opinion Jodi was and is a women who as problems with her behavior, in other words she is Bi-polar, but she is also a women who knows from right and wrong. She planned and knew what she was doing was wrong. I mean if she was crazy as she pleads she would've acted under range and hate, she wouldn't had made Travis go to the shower and pose for the camera and taken action while Travis wasn't looking and knowing what she had planned for him. Another thing she wouldn't had changed the scene and tried to get rid of the evidence and tried to make it look like she never was there with Travis. I mean on my opinion a crazy mentally ill person wouldn't had so much time to think of such a crime like the once she did. I mean a person with all senses is able to plan all this especially one that has so much hate towards someone. In my opinion I believe Jodi Arias needs to be put to death, if not under a max security prison where she wont be able to kill or harm anybody else. A person like Jodi Arias a quiet and in dependable, smart young woman, or shall say what she seem she was or made her self look that way, fulled us to think she wouldn't commit such a crazy cold crime. My thoughts about this is that maybe her rage and, hate towards all the...

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