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Jody Dushay Rhetorical Devices

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From CNN, “I see patients every day who need Ozempics and can’t get it”. This Opinion piece talks about how people are using the Ozempic medicine to lose weight. The original purpose of this medicine is to help treat those with diabetes. People who suffer from diabetes or people who would benefit from it have been unable to get their needed medication now because insurance is making different rules. They have been doing this because people who don’t need this medicine are using it, and there isn't enough left for the people who genuinely need it. Jody Dushay is an “MD, MEd, MMSc Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and an attending endocrinologist at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA” (Dushay). This article is directed towards people who are uneducated about how limited Ozempic is and how it can be beneficial …show more content…
Dushay uses many persuasive techniques, such as asking a rhetorical question. Towards the end of the article, she says, “In what bitter health care universe do people with obesity want to get diabetes so they can access better medical care?”. This is using pathos to make people feel shallow after they assume their choices. She explains in the article that in some cases it is okay to use Ozepmic for weight loss if it is affecting other factors like blood sugar levels, and such. She also very effectively uses ethos at the beginning when stating where she teaches, and all of her positions. When one reads that she is an MD, MEd, and MMSc, it makes them feel like she essentially knows what she's talking about and has been studying topics like this for quite some time. She also provides a very professional photo which makes her article look very trustworthy. Dushay also uses logos throughout the

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