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Jody's Popcorn Case Answers

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1. There are a few key times I think former customers should be reminded of the thoughtfulness, that a gift of Jody’s popcorn could provide. I think the appropriate times would be Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas. If they have some way of knowing your birthday, that too would be an appropriate time. It really depends on if they have some way of getting more information on the corporation that could provide insight to a corporation. For example for a college, possibly after first semester and the school year would be a good time to promote Jody’s as a good gift for all of Carthage’s staff. 2. From what I gathered in the article, it seems you can really target any type of business. I say this due to the diversity between just holidays, as well as University’s and professional sport’s teams. This widens the reach of the product drastically in my eyes. Possibly if they could purchase an ad in a popular business magazine, with possible promotional code to get people to check out their website. Also they should maintain their social media marketing as well. 4. The first thing I notices is how much more user friendly is then the other premium popcorn sites. The only one that came close to Jody’s was the popcorn factory. I also noticed that Jody’s had their contact information right on top of the page so you can’t miss it. There is nothing worse than having to search to find a companies contact information. I like how the show a nice amount of pictures on the opening page and then more information if you pick on a selected product. A lot of the websites were way to wordy. In the brief time I spent on these sites the only real disadvantage I may have saw was the companies limit to just fudge and popcorn, while some site had a lot more to offer, and even that may not be a disadvantage in a real popcorns lovers eyes.

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