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RZB Building Interior, Montillano Street, Alabang, Muntinlupa City


Operation Research

Title: “Learning Style and the Academic Performance of SEEDS under Computer Studies Program of STI College Alabang”

Group Members:

Bista, Joel A.

Apaitan, Sarrah Pristine

Arevalo, Rosebelle

Mr. Eliseo Talla


Chapter 1



What is the difference between education and training? Education is a basic factor in economic development. At the microeconomic level education has an important role in social mobility, equity, public health, better opportunities for employment (lower unemployment and higher wages), etc. In the case of the Philippines the previous Poverty Assessment (World Bank 2001) showed clearly that the educational attainment of the head of the household was “the single most important contributor to the observed variation in household welfare.” However it is also well known that the workers of Philippines have one of the highest levels of education of Asia, especially when considering its level of development. Probably Philippines is the most typical case of what is called the “education puzzle”. Therefore the level of poverty of the Philippines is difficult to be explained by the level of education of their workers. Colleges and universities have long defined and assessed student learning using course-embedded assessments of student earning, such as tests, papers, projects, as well as standardized or “custom” qualitative and quantitative measures. All of these are valid and valuable assessment tools if used properly. In order to reach out more effectively to students and to the public, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education revised its accreditation standards, Characteristics of Excellence in…...

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