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In Josiah Strong’s document “From Our Country” he explains the emerging problem of the growing population within the cities. Immigration was at an all time high creating a mass of cultural differences. Strong even went on to describe the city as a “serious menace” in regards to the growth of saloons, the apparent disparity between the wealthy and poor, and also the effects of these on civilization. The overall tone of this document can be labeled as biased. Josiah Strong showed an inability to adapt to change when cities became “Big Cities”. The emergence of population, immigration, and saloons meant an emergence of the United States economy which benefits us in everyway. Adna Ferrin Weber had shed more positive light on the growth of cities with her document “from The Growth of Cities in the Nineteenth Century”. She went to claim that education, amusements, better standard of living, and Intellectual association is provided for the people because of the growth of cities. I would tend to side with Weber as opposed to Strong’s views because I believe that diversity and adaptation is the key to progression. Big cities provided better education and more job opportunities than what rural America provided for its citizens. Many like Josiah Strong would say that saloons are a major source of what was wrong with America at that that time, but to those like Royal Melendy, defended the market of saloons. Although I don’t not condone drinking in regards to the effects of alcoholism, I believe that saloons are a good source of recreation the hard workers at the...

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