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Cherry Mobile

Beginnings & success story :
Cherry Mobile is a Filipino mobile phone and electronics company founded by Maynard Ngu in 2008. Operated by Cosmic Technologies Incorporated, the company buys mobile phones manufactured in China and India, and markets them under the Cherry Mobile brand. Latest release of Cherry Mobile handsets enables Wi-Fi integration, touch screen feature and operates in Android operating systems
2009 marked Cherry Mobile’s commitment to become the top value-for-money mobile phone in the country. In its first year, Cherry Mobile CEO Maynard Ngu envisioned Cherry Mobile to become the brand that has “Everything for Everyone,” providing handsets that cater to different age groups and match different lifestyles.
It was a dream that became a reality. So big it captivated the market and rocked its competitors - the telecommunications bigwigs. In 2010, barely two years after it started, Cherry Mobile was voted IT Company of the Year in the 3rd CyberPress Awards, upstaging some of the country’s technology giants.

Strategic C’s
Apart from being the first legal mobile phone company to introduce phones with dual and triple Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) systems in the Philippines, it also manufactured the first Windows-enabled phone in the country. Cherry Mobile’s astonishing rise to prominence has revolutionized the local telecommunications scene through its top-of-the-line and ground-breaking products with true Dual SIM capabilities. What started in 2009 as a mobile phone brand with only four units to showcase has swiftly overtaken its rivals in the entrylevel market and is now considered a game changer in the industry.
True to...

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