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John F. Kennedy Assassination

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Who Killed John F. Kennedy? November 22nd is a day of recognition and remembrance for an important man in American history. This year will have been the 50th anniversary dedicated to great John F. Kennedy and his unfortunate assassination. However, after 50 years why are we still questionable to of who is actually responsible for his death. For me personally the charge against Lee Harvey Oswald doesn’t cut it for me. A six story shot from a building at angle that “the best gun man” now can’t mimic seems more of a cover up for what was really going on. Now, I personally cannot tell you who did it because I obviously wasn’t present on the day of the assassination. To be frank I wasn’t even a thought, but I can give my input in who I believe is responsible for it, and I believe that it wasn’t a single person. With all the conspiracy theories about Mr. Kennedy’s murderer, I believe it would be okay to rule out the ones about someone poisoning a salad, or sandwich and giving it to him because that’s obviously not what happened on the day of his assassination. I mean, it could have happened earlier, not saying that anything is possible, but there’s no reliable source that we can look back to. Plus, his face didn’t explode from a chemical reaction or poison… It was more of a bullet to the face approach. But sandwich and salads aside, one of the conspiracy theories that do capture my attention with convincing evidence is the fact that the ones truly responsible for his assassination were the Mob and Lyndon B. Johnson. The single shot theory that was apparently ruled as the cause of President Kennedy’s death seems like the cover up for what really was going on. On the day of the assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and was “allegedly” booked and printed at the Dallas police station. In a later interview filmed in the 1990s, an officer whom had been...

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