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John Henry: A True Hero

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Does a hero need to be as strong as superman, hulk, or like any bodybuilder? Do they need weapons like the iron man, batman, or a military soldier? Well, according to an American folklore, one man didn't. His name was John Henry. John Henry was born in 1840 and was a slave until 1865 when the Civil War ended. He was 25 and stood 6 feet tall and was 200 pounds. Which at the time was very unheard of. Because of his size he was tasked with hammering a steel drill into a rock to make holes for explosives so that it could make room for a new railroad tunnel. John Henry did this task well until one day a salesman came and brought a steam-powered drill and challenged anyone to a drilling challenge. Nobody was as qualified for the job as John Henry because he was drilling 10 to 12 foot holes in one day! With one hammer! John Henry accepted the challenge and started to go up against the steam-powered drill. He was only given 2 steel hammers. All odds were against John Henry but he knew if he lost his coworkers and himself would be left out of a job. So he took one …show more content…
There are two type of mindsets in this world and they are a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. A person with a fixed mindset thinks i can not help anyone, i can not do anything right, and they break down once they face a challenge. But if you have a growth mindset you will think i can do this with a little more effort and practice, this is hard but i will overcome it, and once they face a challenge they will push through it no matter what. A growth mindset is vital to a hero because that hero needs to be only thinking about beating challenges and helping others. For example, A hero does not have time to think to himself “I can not help him or her.” Instead, a hero needs to think “I need to help this person no matter what.” When you have a growth mindset you tend to be more happy with yourself and face challenges easily. And that is what you need to do to be a

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