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Nowadays, the capacity of stuff has become an important aspect to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Researchers have found that physical capital produce 30% of the national economic growth, however, 70% of it caused by intellectual capital is human capital. So, the human capital is really important (Stickrath & Sheppard, 2004). Managers pay more and more attention to the motivation of personnel as well. There are many ways for leaders to incentive their employee, while which is the best leadership style is still under discussion (Mahoney & England, 2007). This essay will analyze the reasons of the success of John Lewis enterprise in perspective of the leadership application, and finding the core of his whole employee stock ownership of success. Firstly, it will discuss the leadership style of John Lewis, and then combining with the theory of encouragement to find the inner reason of John Lewis’ success. Finally, it will talk about John Lewis’ leadership style has been putted up.

John Lewis is the biggest department store in England (Hoffert et al, 2002). From 1864, it opened the first shop date in London's Oxford Street; the John Luis's department store has 150 years of history (Campbell, 2003). Now, it has a good performance with enviable high market share. It has branch stores both in Oxford Street business district and shopping mall. Not only the outstanding achievement of John Lewis attracts people's attention, its unique John Lewis model deserving discussion. John Lewis was originally held by the Lewis family, but in 1929, the primary family person planed that he would removed out of the board, but also put the right of controlling the whole company to their employees. Thus, everyone in John Lewis has his own share. Besides this, he also set up a perfect system, that is, even the new employees can get stock of the company quickly, it really realizes...

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