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John Snow

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1 mission statement 2 Executive summary 2 organization 1.0 2 Organization description 1.1 2 industry 1.2 3 website 2.0 3 Website web development 2.1 3 impact 2.2 4 sitemap 3.0 4 cost/benefit/risk analysis 4.0 5 benefits and cost of application 4.1 5 tangible and intangible costs 4.2 5 impact risk assessment 4.3 6 project plan 5.0 6 project plan 5.1 6 project MILESTONES AND DEADLINES 5.2 7 WHAT COULD GO WRONG 5.3 7 MAINTAINENCE 6.0 8 WEBSITE MAINTAINENCE AND DEVELOPMENT 6.1 8 POST MAINTAINENCE 6.2 9 conclusion 7.0 9 bibliography 10

Mission Statement
Kennesaw State University Dining Facility, Commons is to provide students, faculty, and staff with quality food and services. This is accomplished by practicing creative menu development, ensuring a friendly environment, incorporating variety, and convenience.

Executive Summary The Commons at Kennesaw State University is very popular and has a meal plan that is required by all students with the exception of seniors. …………………….
It would be in the best interest of Kennesaw State University to fix this problem with the university growing rapidly. In addition to the meal plan already in place, another reason to improve the Commons is due to the upcoming football team in 2015. There will be an influx in newly recruited athletes at KSU. We are designing a smartphone application to help the university’s Culinary Department to become more efficient. Also, we have chosen to improve the Commons of Kennesaw State University and would like to implement an up-to-date menu, incorporate social...

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