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Johnson & Johnson Professional Communications Proposa

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Executive Summary
This report provides an analysis of professional communications of Johnson & Johnson, a large multinational pharmaceutical company. The purpose of this paper is to respond to feedback obtained during the Fiscal Year 2015 Employee Satisfaction Survey. During this survey employees were asked to react to questions pertaining to professional communications trends in their offices. They were asked questions about inter-office communications, how they are assigned tasks, satisfaction with their careers and positions as well as questions about the state of business ethics in Johnson & Johnson and problem areas they were able to identify in domestic and international communications.
In response to the collected data, Johnson & Johnson created a Professional Communications Task Force which was given the responsibility of implementing changes to the way business is conducted. After careful consideration, the Task Force is proposing a six layer response to the survey. This response will lay out the six areas of concern and the proposed changes which are to be implemented in Fiscal Year 2016. The Task Force has recommended specific changes and new training and education initiatives that will be initiated to improve employee relations, customer relations and professional communications efficiencies. It is the sincere hope of Johnson & Johnson that these changes will being mend some of the concerns currently held by employees and customers around the world.

Here at Johnson & Johnson, we pride ourselves in leading the way in workplace efficiency and satisfaction of both employees and customers. Professional Communication is one of the areas in which we try to lead. But recent employee satisfaction surveys and data indicating a drop in efficiency have become a cause for concern. In order to combat this declining trend, this Business...

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