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Joint Ventures in Developing Countries

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December 27, 13
Project – MKTG 410 – Export management

Answers to questions of article: When joint Venture goes wrong

Done by Abdullah Izaldeen

Introduction to International marketing:

* What is International Marketing?

* Marketing is a tool used by the organizations to help them to direct their goods and services to consumers in order to make profit. Marketing is used both in domestics and internationally and the difference between them is that international marketing is that the process takes place in more than one country. International market is various and can provide a lot of profitable opportunities. However, this diversity could complex international marketing operations, requiring the coordination of a variety process in order to be successful.

* Most of the time, the basic marketing principles are applicable to all markets around the world. The only difference is that you should be capable of applying those principals in environments that you are not used to dealing with.

* Many of the issues international marketers face are outside of their direct control, so they need to be prepared to adapt their strategies to cope with unfamiliar situations and problems.

Q1: What are the factors that a multinational firm should consider when deciding to use a joint venture as a market entry strategy for a developing country?

* PESTEL Analysis:

* *

Political factors * Economical factors * Social factors * Technological factors * Environmental factors * Legal factors

* Political factors refers to the government policy such as the degree the degree of intervention in the economy and what goods and services do the government allow and want. You should always look at the stability of the government, mode entry regulations, trade policies and taxation system.


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